Help us Make 7th May 2015 Independence Day for the people of Rayleigh & Wickford

I hope those of you that have decided to visit my webpage find what I have written interesting and thought provoking. These are short introductions to many subjects and issues on which you might have questions. My position on many matters is drawn, not from political manuals, but from a lifetime of experience in the real world.

I hope you share my view that our country has a proud history. We have stood tall so often when many others have failed the test put before them. I am not so sure that the recent couple of decades have produced Statesmen that have upheld that tradition. Some have clearly failed.

Mark Francois who has been the local Member of Parliament for 14 years has a strange voting pattern in the House of Commons e.g He voted to deny you a referendum on Europe (but writes in his literature that is what he wants). He voted to refuse an extension to the Military Covenant (although a junior Armed Forces Minister)Source: Most importantly however, I can not find out what he has done for his Rayleigh and Wickford constituents to earn his £200,000, including expenses, each year except for cutting lots of ribbons in photo opportunities.

My recent activity in fighting the development proposals put forward by the local authority, Rochford District Council, for Rayleigh, has led me to believe we need a different kind of politics. Not a self-serving bunch of party political cronies that work for the few and not the many. Not those that put their personal wealth and career above honour and integrity by supporting party positions they claim are not their own until expediency rears its’ ugly head at election time. People who have a sense of duty and concern for the future generations that will follow in our footsteps should be making decisions. I see my fight over the planning for massive housing estates and a large Traveller site, against the clear wishes of the local people, as a step in that direction. This recent battle did not concern half our constituency but the people of Wickford can be assured I will fight for what is right for all this area as we really are ‘all in this together’ with the over development of our towns.

The younger voters amongst you will, I hope, want a bigger say in the role our country plays in the world. This election is about everyone but, in particular, about your future and the world you and your children will live in. Please vote and make your voices heard. It really is the only way to effect any changes you would like to see in the future. REMEMBER NO VOTE, NO VOICE!

Yours sincerely,

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  • Caring for the Elderly

    My opinion is the benefits currently enjoyed by all pensioners with eventually be subjected to revision whatever promises the major parties are making in the run up to the General Election. I believe we could make some changes that pensioners would understand and generally support. The ten pound Christmas bonus, for instance, is little more than an insult that costs more to administer than pensioners receive. It should be scrapped. […]


BiographyLinda KendallIndependent Parliamentary Candidate

My name is Linda Kendall. My biography could never be contained in a few simple lines of text. I have had a very interesting and varied life which has encompassed both business and many interests. I have lived in Essex since the age of two I am proud to have raised my family in, this semi-rural, district of Essex.
Born in London I came to Essex to live in my father’s family property when I was just two years old. My father was in the Royal Navy so, together with my four siblings, I was primarily raise by my mother. She bought us up as Christians to value each other and respect those around us. These are the principles I have attempted to adhere to throughout my life. It was nonetheless, for various family reasons, a difficult childhood.
Educated at both a church school and state primary I transferred to a secondary school after being unable to take my eleven plus, this was due partly to severe ill health as a child which had led to considerable loss of attendance at school. I was fortunate to have good teachers and the ability to lose myself in the books I could borrow from the public and school library. I left school with a clutch of ‘O’ Levels and although desperately wanting to go to college that was not an option so I found employment in a City bank. I was a typical sixties teenager.
I married at nineteen and eventually had three daughters. I always worked, in some capacity, to help support my family. Following my husband untimely death at age 36 I continued to run the international trading company we had developed. I did this while organising my home and raising my young daughters single handed. It was a very successful enterprise which enabled me to secure their future. I developed old properties, operated a small advertising agency and ran a franchise for part of the time. Always busy, I know the meaning of hard work.
Having served as a volunteer for the WRVS, on various committees and projects I found I wanted a new challenge. I made a decision to return to my long held ambition of higher education gaining a Honours Degree in Law at Anglia Ruskin University. I have engaged in many interests, bridge, painting, poker, badminton, walking etc. and have travelled to a number of interesting locations. My lifelong interest in politics remains my passion above all else.
Now a grandmother to four lovely grandchildren I enjoy being part of an extended famiIy who live across this district. accept that I have some human frailties and have made the occasional error of judgement, but what I can say is I am a woman of principle who does what she says she will do without fear or favour of anything or anyone. When required to do so I speak my mind. I can be relied on when a job needs doing and will achieve the task in hand. The many members of the Rayleigh Action Group will testify to that. (
It is my sincere opinion that a job now needs doing in the Westminster Village and that I might be the very person suitable for that role.
Make the 7th May 2015 Independent’s Day for the Rayleigh and Wickford Constituency.

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An independent or nonpartisan politician is an individual politician not affiliated to any political party.