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  • Local Issues

    Anyone who travels about our district be it Wickford or Rayleigh knows all about traffic congestion. We sit for hours in stationary traffic when the slightest of mishap happens on our road network. The A132 Nevendon Road is often gridlocked are all the roads leading to Rayleigh and Hullbridge. Drivers sometimes spend hours to travel a couple of miles.
    Rayleigh High Street has severe pollution levels due to constant traffic jams. Now it will lose its’ rural access due to thousands of houses, a factory site and a 44 caravan Traveller site being planned by the Conservative administration, on the entrance to our town. This whilst a Hockley Road housing development been left idle for two years, the builders failing to find buyers for the houses.
    Now we have a new development of 55 multi-million pound mansions on the brownfield site of Bullwood Hall Prison. Why are we putting 55 house into this 48 acres of public land if we need homes for youngsters? All this has been agreed by the Tory controlled Council despite the clear objections of the local people. Rochford District Council spent £2.6 million pounds on the local Plan process. Money that should have been used to repair drains, mend our potholes and keep our lights on. Isn’t strange the bureaucrats always find money for their pet projects. One pet project was a pet cemetery that cost £25k which has only had one internment in two years! This is how they spend our hard earned money.
    There is a call for a Public Enquiry into the process where Councillors failed to declare any conflict of interest when voting to develop greenbelt farmland, part of a Parish Councillors interest, and land belonging to a colleague and former leader of the Council. For those wishing to read more details of this they can access information on the following website (www. rayleighactiongroup.org )
    Wickford will have another 900 homes off the Wick, using the same access routes, with no upgrade envisaged for the A132, Nevendon Road. Drivers can look forward to more misery because there are NO NEW ROADS planned. The two exits onto the Jubilee roundabout and Nevendon Road will become more of nightmare for all drivers. Any section 106 payments are for Basildon to utilise wherever they chose.
    For those trying to escape north, up the narrow Runwell Road, they can look forward to the huge Runwell hospital site development, causing major disruption whist being built. There will be more traffic and gridlock from the resident’s vehicles when it is complete. To add insult to injury the New Homes Bonus (NHB) paid by Government to councils agreeing development, plus the Section 106 payments the builder has to pay for the privilege of getting planning permission, is in the hands of Chelmsford City Council to spend where they choose. Result is Wickford gets the building and gridlock with no guarantee the distant councils will distribute any benefits to the town. If it proves similar to Rochford District Council, Councillors voted for mass building plans in Rayleigh and sent the majority of the benefit to their Wards in Rochford.
    Where are the new nurseries, secondary schools, doctors and hospital beds to service all this building. What is being provided for the youngsters of our towns. Rayleigh has a concrete skate park! Volunteers are sending out begging bowls to help provide a youth club in Fitzwimark School there is so little provision. Rayleigh has, with Hullbridge Village, 40,000 residents yet they have no access to a public swimming pool. This is something I would want to campaign for, if elected.
    Rayleigh won’t have a swimming pool for all the 44,000 residents that currently have to drive to Castle Point or Rochford to swim but they will be getting the largest community Gypsy and Traveller Site in Essex. Right on the edge of our town there will be a 22 pitch = 44 unit Traveller site costing an estimated £2.5 million pounds. This site was welcomed by Mark Francois MP at the Government Inspectors hearing in September 2013. He thinks the local council will be able to control the site and prevent it expanding!! The site is the one where a huge fire recently shut the Liverpool street ral service and gridlocked our town for days. Rochford Council have not been able to control the illegal dumping of waste by one individual yet they think they can deal with 44 families on the same site. l Travellers, in the area, do not intend to move there and have not requested this facility. Like I have written elsewhere on this website, politicians can find money when it suits them. Not for doctors, elderly care or street lights though!!
    I want our street light put back on. I believe the decision by the Tory County Council is wrong and shows a complete lack of common sense. There will be claims from everywhere, due to accidents, and the fear of crime will be greater even if the actuality cannot be proved. PUT THEM BACK ON.
    I want to know from Mark Francois MP who has served in a Government that has let 500,000 more people into this country in the last year? JUST HOW MUCH MORE SHOULD OUR DISTRICT TAKE TO COVER LONDON OVER POPULATION YOUR POLICIES HAVE HELPED CREATE???
    More to the point what has our Member of Parliament done to prevent this mass building programme on our greenbelt? What have the Councillors that represent our towns done to stop the multiple blocks of flats that are blighting every corner. Some like those on Jubilee Way are similar to the tenement blocks many early settlers to Rayleigh and Wickford moved out of London to escape. Today it is reported that 75% of the Bellway flats in Wickford Town Centre have gone to people from Southend and Basildon. So much for needing homes for our local young people! Now the market town of Wickford has surrendered its’ market to a few plastic pop-up tents in the High Street. Why would anyone vote for the people that have delivered this mess?


  • Immigration

    Everyone knows this is the most serious issue currently facing our country. It has to have drastic action to prevent the breakdown of every part of our national life. This small set of Islands cannot accommodate the whole world. Those arriving are often economic migrants seeking a better life and we understand that but we have to be realistic and take measures to limit those arriving on our shores.

    We must restrict immigration to people that will improve our nation state, not be a drain on its resources. A points based system is absolutely essential, with full health cover for five years for those seeking to join us, as a minimum requirement. We should insist on sponsored bonds, from their home nation, for those arriving to study. If they fail to return at the end of the study period we should refuse, pro rata, further applications from their fellow nationals.

    Illegal immigration has to be made a top priority. More must be done to trace and remove those that have cheated their way here by unscrupulous means. When traced they should face immediate removal with the right to appeal that decision only from their home nation, at their cost. We are witnessing ridiculous decisions by Immigration Tribunals, on those challenging deportation, these tribunals need serious reform. E.g. Where the ownership of a cat was enough to grant an illegal entrant to this country the right to remain.

    We have large areas of our inner cities that have become alien to the culture of the indigenous peoples of these Islands. That is the responsibility of governments that have led us for the past 60 years. Integration is something that will not happen if this mass immigration continues. Communities will become increasingly polarised and conflict more likely if the influx of millions of new arrivals is not curtailed. Last year 500,000 new immigrants arrived most unskilled and poor thousands of our well trained, professional people are fleeing this nation for Australia and other destinations. This is a policy that will destroy our way of life as we know it today.   The UK is a magnet because of the international use of our language and unless we act this problem will become uncontainable.

    Immigrants that have arrived legally and are honestly working in our communities are damaged by the current situation so it must be changed. They often suffer unjust prejudice due the present situation. The majority population must see some action to address this issue as a matter of urgency when Parliament returns. Trevor Phillips, the black former leader of the Commission for Racial Equality, has now admitted there have been serious errors and miscalculations in the control of immigration for over 50 years. Whatever the complexion of the Government, after this election, I hope they take note of that brave volte face.


  • NHS

    Where does anyone start with this emotive topic?

    My position is that we must preserve and make sure we have ‘free at the point of delivery’ primary (this is access to a GP seven days a week) and emergency care.

    Everyone and his mate across the political spectrum promises to protect this national treasure. Sometimes they do a disservice to the very concept they claim they want to preserve. The people that choose to work in the caring sector are special we must not abuse their dedication by refusing to treat them in a fair and equitable way. What we have to ask ourselves is something that might seem contrary to what I have just written, but it isn’t.

    With more and more medical and surgical advances, adding to the success of medical intervention leading to increase in life expectancy, the present system of funding and provision will not be sustainable under the current format. We must have a discussion on what the finite remit of the NHS has to be. We need to address the reality of the situation in our society. We have to have an honest across party debate on what is to become of the NHS in the future. The NHS should not be a political football played with at election times or used as a bargaining chip to get cheap votes.

    Personally I have every reason to preserve the NHS in the best way possible. I have been in more hospitals across the south east of England and beyond than most people reading this will ever experience. I owe the NHS much more that I can explain in this document to the people of Rayleigh and Wickford. They can trust me to tell the truth and work for solutions that will preserve our NHS for the staff that work within it and the people that depend on it in their time of need.


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