Where does anyone start with this emotive topic?

    My position is that we must preserve and make sure we have ‘free at the point of delivery’ primary (this is access to a GP seven days a week) and emergency care.

    Everyone and his mate across the political spectrum promises to protect this national treasure. Sometimes they do a disservice to the very concept they claim they want to preserve. The people that choose to work in the caring sector are special we must not abuse their dedication by refusing to treat them in a fair and equitable way. What we have to ask ourselves is something that might seem contrary to what I have just written, but it isn’t.

    With more and more medical and surgical advances, adding to the success of medical intervention leading to increase in life expectancy, the present system of funding and provision will not be sustainable under the current format. We must have a discussion on what the finite remit of the NHS has to be. We need to address the reality of the situation in our society. We have to have an honest across party debate on what is to become of the NHS in the future. The NHS should not be a political football played with at election times or used as a bargaining chip to get cheap votes.

    Personally I have every reason to preserve the NHS in the best way possible. I have been in more hospitals across the south east of England and beyond than most people reading this will ever experience. I owe the NHS much more that I can explain in this document to the people of Rayleigh and Wickford. They can trust me to tell the truth and work for solutions that will preserve our NHS for the staff that work within it and the people that depend on it in their time of need.