• International Affairs

    The danger posed by the militant Islamist’s to this country is very real and must not be understated. I have clearly stated what I consider must be a priority for our Government in the law section, above. Across the globe conflict is never far from the surface due mainly to the increasing world population and the rising expectations of those people in the poorest nations. We have to recognise that the future will be bleak for our future generations unless the World leaders take a step back and look at the international conflicts in that context. The United Nations, like the League of Nations in previous generations, has proved toothless in the face of the upheaval and needs urgent reform.

    Westminster must bear some responsibility for the imploding of the rule of law in the countries of the Middle East. The actions of the Blair Government played right into the hands of the planners of the 9/11 terrorist agenda. The terrorists lit a big match and we helped provide the ‘time bomb’ by invading Iraq. The servicemen and women lost and the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis are the legacy of that monumental error of judgement.

    The Cameron Government suggested last year that we should arm and support the rebels fighting in Syria. Those rebels are now the ISIS forces beheading and slaying countless thousands of people in their murderous campaign of terror. Mark Francois MP is currently a junior Minister for the Arm Forces so he must have backed that proposal, rather than resign. I would like an explanation for his decision, on our behalf, in his role as our Constituency Member of Parliament.

    Attempts to threaten and control the Russian peoples, with military force has a very long history of failure. We need to be careful not to poke the Russian bear too hard or Europe, with the German leadership again leading the charge, it could easily erupt into conflict again. How often have we heard the mantra, ‘never again’ in relation to war, only to find our politicians taking stances that lead directed to that outcome? Perhaps independent voices and minds in the House of Commons could make a difference.