• The European Union

    I have always been passionately interested in politics. my views have remained constant for many years. I was a paid up member and supporter of the Conservative Party for many years, unfortunately they ceased to be the party of the traditional values and decency I thought they represented. I was appalled at the signing of the Maastricht Treaty that gave away so many rights of self–determination of our people without our informed consent. The Lisbon Treaty made matters even worse.

    Our borders are open, our law is often impotent to protect us, foreign police forces now have the right to arrest our citizens. Now Germany is calling for a pan European military force. For this move towards a United State of Europe we have to pay billions of pounds (not euros) into the ever burgeoning European project largely orchestrate by Albert Speer. Albert Speer was Hitler’s brilliant Quartermaster, in Nazi Germany, when Brussels was the Gestapo HQ in occupied Europe. How did we get to a situation where the very dominance of Germany that we fought to reject in six years of world war, and the loss of 60 – 80 million people now leads the countries of Europe in increasingly belligerent terms. Greece must obey their financial terms, Russian is being subjected to sanctions and we have to abide by the laws they have formulated. The British people have never agreed to allow any foreign nation to run our affairs. I believe that is still the case today.   We joined a Common Market of nine nations not a United States of Europe with 28 states effectively run from Brussels/Strasboug.

    We must be given the opportunity to vote on the continued membership of the European Union. Mark Francois MP was a Government Whip who in October 2011 prevented that happening despite his announcements since.

    The reason I want this opportunity to vote is in my opinion the EU has not fulfilled any promises so many believed it would when it was conceived after the second world war. The British people should be given the full cost and benefit analysis of our membership of an organisation that will eventually become a United States of Europe. Do they want this or not? Only a free vote will answer that question.