• Environment

    I have to tell you I have not studied the many relatively new processes the scientists are developing to allow our people to remain competitive in a global market place and secure in the energy we need for our industries and homes. Like most people I hope to turn on a tap and get water. I like to switch on my kettle and a have a power supply to make a drink. I want to be able to fill my vehicle with fuel at a cost I can manage.   So how do we sustain those needs with increasing numbers of people and greater demand across the globe? My view is that we must retain the tried and tested methods until we are sure any new technology will be able to fulfil our expectations.. With my limited knowledge I have commented on the various options available. I expect the lobbyists from all side will be ready to shoot me down but I repeat I have not studied any of these processes in any depth. This is a layman’s opinion only.

    • We use too much energy.
    • We waste too much food
    • We make too many trips in cars
    • We want to travel more to overseas locations
    • We don’t protect our green spaces and farmland

    All the statements are true. But such is the lifestyles of most of our population few of the above will change for the foreseeable future for the following reasons:-

    • Our homes are mostly heated by systems using old technology. They are costly to replace.
    • We have not embrace enough heat retaining schemes.
    • Our lifestyles lead us to want to wear easy care clothes even in mid-winter
    • We want our ipads, iphones, computers and televisions charged ready to use.
    • Supermarkets encourage over purchasing of perishable foods leading to disposal of surplus.
    • The planning system has led to many out of town jobs and stores so we need cars to access.
    • Public transport is often unreliable and too costly in comparison to car travel which remains the mode of choice for the majority of suburban dwellers.
    • Busy lives mean people have to be in many places within a short period so public transport is impracticable.
    • Our roads are so congested due to lack of investment much fuel is wasted in traffic hold-ups.
    • Many people want or have travelled overseas for business and holidays.
    • We have been thwarted time and again when trying to defend the green spaces in our districts in the face of aggressive developers and supporting planning departments.

    To be green is very idealistic and laudable but I would like you to just consider what you would be prepared to give up from the above list. Who is going to give any guarantee as to what the future holds? We must have fuel security for our nation.


    It was Anearin Bevin that wrote ‘This Island is mainly built on coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organising genius could manage to have a shortage of both’. I believe the diktats from the EU in Brussels have led to that exact situation.