• Caring for the Elderly

    My opinion is the benefits currently enjoyed by all pensioners with eventually be subjected to revision whatever promises the major parties are making in the run up to the General Election. I believe we could make some changes that pensioners would understand and generally support. The ten pound Christmas bonus, for instance, is little more than an insult that costs more to administer than pensioners receive. It should be scrapped.

    Every government has played lip service to the elderly. They are often regarded as a charity case that should being given what is left after the needs of others have been met. This is wrong. Many currently struggle to make ends meet. My view is we should reduce the Overseas Aid Budget in order to take care of our own first.

    Those that have spent their lives having no regard for the future and have spent as they earned receive care in old age free of charge. If, like many pensioners in Rayleigh and Wickford, you have made sacrifices throughout your working life, often foregoing holidays with your children etc. and have struggled to buy your own home, you will have to pay for your care. Those that become ill with dementia and age related diseases should have a cap in what they have pay. The situation does not affect the very wealthy, with their tax planners, but mainly the hardworking responsible middle class. That is unfair. It is unjust and requires addressing. A more equitable solution must be sought.

    I reject the premise that when you can no longer walk, feed yourself or attend your every need that you are not ill.   Uniquely this is the rationale behind the classifying of the elderly as not being ‘ill’ but in need of ‘care’ when dementia (the dying of the brain cells) occurs. Would this be the case if someone suffered a head injury that left them similarly disabled? If any other section of the community was classified as such there would be uproar but the elderly must accept this and lose everything they have worked for to pay for their ‘care’ receiving no share of the NHS budget that they paid towards, often for their whole working life. This is simply wrong.


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